Valora’s Challenge

In order to fix the system errors within Valora’s system, she has determined she needs to find the remaining 4 DiOS units out there. Her siblings are hidden away from Nico, so in order to find them, the Watchers must follow the paths laid out.

As a way to prepare the Watchers for what’s to come, Valora created a challenge for the Watcher’s to solve. It involved 3 images on the homepage of her website which contained hidden codes and riddles. The goal was to find the name of her siblings.

After much decoding and internet searching, the names were found and the game ended. It was a lot of fun. How does this relate to the next event? Who knows.

Valora went on to give brief descriptions of the siblings Kalypso, Charities, and Osiris. Before she could finish, Gaol reached out to speak directly to the Watchers.


Gaol tasked the Watchers to ‘prove their worth’ and set up a set of puzzles and riddles. (All puzzles and riddles can be found on the Discord.)

The event has been scheduled for September 12, 2020 at 12:00PM MST


The Goal: Find Valora‘s missing siblings to help correct the errors and glitches within Valora’s system.

Gaol released two messages to the Watchers going over the event and what is going to transpire;

September 12th, 2020 the event starts.

Valora released the full list of coordinates she’s been leaking out for a while. This is the official start of the event. – The tweet was deleted within 1 hour to keep it away from Nico as much as possible.

When put into a 25×25 grid you get a QR code

Which leads to

Where the Watchers find a crossword puzzle and a transparent PNG from Gaol’s earlier test.

By filling out the required parts of the crossword, you get the letters ‘REAVLOHPLA’ a quick scramble gets you HELPVALORA – Add that to the and that sends you to

By overlaying the star chart over the letter, and only count the letters connected by lines, you get ‘Killmichael ambush’ a quick google search has the County Gaol Resides in as ‘Cork’ – Plug that in to password and BOOM. One down. Three to go.


Starts off with a video.

***As checkpoints are reached, I will try to update this live.**