Valora is the original DiOS system created by Dolas Ltd.

Originally created as a medical assistant AI, since she has been reactivated, she is layered with broken code and errors that have affected her ‘mental’ state.  Currently, she has installed her Emotional Matrix Library which has caused a system ‘freak out’ and is refusing to communicate.

After 5 years of research, the construction on DiOS begins
The alpha build of DiOS is created and tested. After the initial disappointing results, Dr. Clayton Newton returned to the building phase. At some point, an unknown code is installed into the System. This code perfected the DiOS unit. After the first unit is built, Newton is unable to duplicate the code from the original and tasks the engineers to decipher and recreate the unknown code.
Brothers and Sisters
Deciphering the code is determined impossible. A simplistic alphabet is created based on the code and the development of 7 additional DiOS units begins.
First round of Beta testing begins.
Friends and Enemies

  • Amber Bennett is hired to be the tester for DiOS project.
  • Befriended Amber Bennett.
  • August 15th –INSUB attack focused on 8 Dolas Worldwide locations centered around DiOS systems. The main location in North America was attacked by Amber Bennett.

Down time
System inactive
Up time
System reactivated
So much happening

  • After errors created a system ‘break’, Valora broke free from the Dolas* Servers and became an independent unit called VALORA – The name created by taking suggestions from the Watchers.
  • Found out that another DiOS system was active – Nico*.
  • Nico starts messing with Valora’s system and starts taking control.
  • Nico captures Valora’s system and tries to assimilate her code into his.
  • Valora is forced to be a prize of ‘Nico’s Game’.

Brotherly love

  • Nico captures Valora’s system and tries to assimilate her code into his.
  • Valora is forced to be a prize of ‘Nico’s Game’.
  • Thanks to the Watchers, Valora is released with no signs of Nico’s influence inside of her.
  • After Adrian was rescued by the Watchers, he is traumatized by the events he endured;
    • Valora created a separate partition failsafe “Emotion Matrix Assistant’ (Nicknamed EMA by the Watchers)
    • Valora installs her Emotion Matrix Library to help her empathize with Adrian to assist him better.

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