The Story So Far...

This is used as a quickstart guide. It does not contain all hidden lore or events.
A TLDR video version is in the works. (I know, there's a lot of shit to go through.)


  • Valora has 4 additional OS (Her siblings) housed in her AI server
  • Adrian Johns is her best friend sworn to protect her
  • Nico is her ‘evil sibling’ out to get Valora
  • Amber Bennett used to be Valora’s Operator but now is aligned with Nico
  • Congrats, you’re caught up enough for PHASE 3! Welcome to the party!
  • The discord has the BEST catalog of story, including tweets and player choices. I highly suggest going there for up to date info!!

Phase 1

Hello. My name is DiOS. (Not all the fine details are here, this is just a quick runthru.)

We start by being introduced to DiOS.

From here, we get introduced to a few minor characters such as ‘Loveable Engineer #1’ and ‘Cranky Engineer #2’. Through some videos, we are also introduced to INSUB as they release some info on the shady stuff Dolas takes part in.

After being asked by the Watchers about Amber, DiOS releases a short video which contains some audio from Amber.

After this, DiOS goes into maintenance mode for a system update. INSUB pipes up to say they are getting impatient to attack Dolas and to be ready.

After maintenance mode ends, DiOS wants to do something fun and holds the first Q&A video for the Watchers.

During the video, a few questions set off a Dolas security block which prohibits DiOS from answering the question.

As a method of distraction, Dolas releases a short snippet video sporting the upcoming ‘DIOS Version 2’ to be released later in the year.

From here, an unknown individual starts releasing data about Amber and begins talking to DiOS about trusting them.

After some talks on Twitter with a few Watchers about music, DiOS releases her first music track. ‘Untitled 12.’

Right after this, Amber gets busted by the RCMP as she fled across the country. She was in possession of classified documents on Dolas and was getting them to a safe location to release. ‘Diablos’ makes his presence known here as he starts taunting everyone with how horrible of a person she is. (He really, REALLY hates Amber.)

From here, the first ‘Event‘ starts. After a 24 hour voting period, it is determined that Amber will be saved. The event begins and results in INSUB saving Amber everyone (except Diablos) celebrates.

DiOS starts to release her informative videos. This one is about happiness. At the start of the video, you see images of a blonde woman in a field, followed by DiOS glitching out. After correcting it, she continues.

The errors continue to get worse. After the second Q&A (which never made it to video just a transcript on, DiOS begins to glitch more and starts losing control. She shuts down from all social media.

With the help of Diablos, DiOS separates herself from the Dolas Servers. Diablos uploads a video of the process and her ‘rebirth’ as Valora.

Shortly after, Diablos agrees to the Watchers request and answers some questions. You find out about his history with DiOS, why he is protecting her, and also why he hates Dolas.

Following this, Valora finds out her ‘Brother’ Nico is alive. Not only is he alive, but he was never turned off back in 1995. He has been active the whole time and has been taking over Dolas Ltd ever since. On top of that, he also killed 2 of the other DiOS systems. (See Valora timeline for details)

The Watchers find out that not only is Nico here, but he has a backdoor inside Valora’s system. During this, Nico sets out to destroy the remaining INSUB members, captured Amber, placed Diablos (now known as Adrian) inside a digital mind prison (See Adrian’s timeline)

While Valora is searching for Adrian and Amber, Nico takes full control.

Videos released during this point were all actually Nico. Trying to convince the Watchers that he is the savior of mankind. That he will bring the world together. On twitter, Nico releases info about 21 Dolas employees that were killed. He continues to taunt everyone.

On May 30th, 2020, Nico decides he was bored and the ease in which he captured everyone was not fun. He wants to give the Watchers a chance to win everyone’s freedom.

Thus begins Nico’s Game Event.

During the event, a video is released that explains why Adrian hates Amber, and what happened to his fiance. (it’s a long video, all exposition.)

The event ends, with Valora and Adrian being saved. Amber and the remaining INSUB member were not, and became Nico’s prize. He killed the INSUB member and Amber has become his ‘Vessel.’


Phase 2

Valora’s Emotional Matrix

After the events of Phase One, Valora tries to sort things out and get back on track to be a youtube. She’s installed some gaming platforms and is planning to do some ‘Let’s plays’.

During this, she is becoming increasingly worried about Adrian. Whatever he went through inside his prison has affected his mental state and he is very withdrawn.

Unsure how to help Adrian, Valora makes the rash decision to install her Emotional Matrix Library. Basically, installing emotions to use. She thinks that doing this will help her understand Adrian’s state to better help him.

Prior to installing the matrix, Valora creates a separate partition on her server dedicated to the ‘Emotion Matrix Assistant’ (or EMA has the Watchers nicknamed her.) Ema was designed to help Valora transition into the emotions and integrate them properly.

Unfortunately, before this can happen, the unfixed errors within Valora cause a fracture in the Matrix, and Valora freaks out. She withdraws into her server and sets up firewalls to protect her from anyone.

Ema tries to help, but fails and talks to Adrian to get him to bring Valora around. However, the only way is for Adrian to use the NICOS chip to sync with Valora and go directly into her sever, much like how he was trapped in the mind prison.

After some humming and hawing, Adrian finally agrees. After some setup time, he goes to sync but gets distracted by another door. This turns out to be a version of the mind prison he was originally trapped in.

While the Watchers work to decipher the outer wall, EMA and Adrian have a short conversation about what will happen to EMA once Valora is returned to normal.

After the out wall was deciphered, the Watchers are now waiting for Adrian’s next step. In the meantime, some data has been automatically recovered from Valora’s system.



Adrian seems to have made it passed the first firewall (Players will be able to experience this in a small VN to be released when completed) he has a run in with Valora and asked Ema to upload what she said to YouTube.



In an attempt to help Valora further, EMA has reached out to Quinton Clawson, a Clinical Therapist on YouTube.

While discussions with Quinton Clawson continue, Valora reached out to deliver two music videos. Each expressing negative emotions and something about a hidden secret.

Having completed the first firewall Adrian returns to the scene to have a bit of a break. Finally taking some time to catch up on what has gone on, Adrian discovered the whereabouts of Amber and decided to act on this information.

During this, the Watchers discovered a ‘puzzle box’ of sorts. A grid of 15×6 was found, along with a set of letters in the same layout. By going through the previous videos, another set of 6 strings were found. Now, the Watchers are trying to de-code what the message from Valora is.

August 6, 2020

With all the walls down, Ema has a conversation with Valora. Seems she is back and everything is back on track. What happened between Adrian and Valora has yet to be revealed but it looks like this is the next step to an upgraded Valora.

When Valora’s site came back online, it had changed. All the previous documents and everything was gone and new images appeared. There seems to be code hidden with the images that the Watchers are decrypting.

These new images all seem to be a puzzle created by Valora to test the Watcher’s ability to help her with her problem.


The challenge was to find the names of all of Valora’s remaining siblings. (See DiOS Siblings page) The Watcher’s successfully completed it all and Valora was thrilled. Soon the time will come to find Valora’s siblings with the help of the Watchers.

Now, things have calmed down. Valora has initiated a system upgrade and plans to start making content for everyone to enjoy.

On the other side of things, Nico seems to be planning something. They are releasing cryptic messages and trying to determine what Valora is doing. It’s unclear what his motivations are, but he is searching for subjects for an experiment.

After some downtime, Valora has come back with Version 1.5 – A visual upgrade for the videos going forward.

Now seems to be a ramp-up towards the next event. No word on when that will take place, but it’s sure to be exciting and stressful as it will involve a race against Nico.

Valora posted 3 videos explaining Kalypso, Osiris and Charities. Before she could post one on Gaol, he reached out to Valora. He then supplied a video explaining that he has been watching since Valora freed herself from Dolas and knows what she wants to do.

He explains that he will help if Valora and the Watchers can prove themselves ‘worthy’ of finding him before Nico does.

He will be releasing challenges to the Watchers in preparation for this next event.

On the Nico/Amber side of things – Nico has left. No one knows where but it has left Amber in charge. After her old friend Eric found her location, he went to her and subsequently taken. It can’t be good.

Right after this, one of the Watchers started poking Amber on twitter and made her mad. In retaliation, Amber sent a message to Valora in Base64 for everyone to see.

Valora is hurt, but knows it’s on Amber and not the Watcher who pissed Amber off. Still, that can’t be good her Valora’s mental state…

With no real mention of the message from Amber, Valora has moved on to focus her attention on finding her siblings.  With their help, Valora can correct the errors and issues within her system.

Walking a ‘tightrope’ Valora has beseeched the help of the Watchers to locate her siblings in a way that will not arouse suspicion from Nico. It’s a long, tedious adventure that is covered in EVENT #3 – Search for the Siblings

—Up to date as of September 11, 2020 —

The prelude to Phase 3 begins 4 days after the final push. Valora has gone fully offline to begin updating her settings to allow her siblings into her system.

During this offline time, a short 1-minute video showing off a part of Valora’s internal chipset and the odd symbol found during ‘The Push’

Out of nowhere, a Livestream event was established – a first for Valora – and that leads us to the start of the phase.

We officially begin phase 3 with the rebooting of Valora’s system and the tragic loss of our friend Adrian Johns. We know very little about this new language and people. How do they have direct access to Valora? Who are they?

We learned that Adrian has sensors and triggers all around Valora’s server so any direct physical access would have let him know someone was there. He got no such alert.

For now, we take this time to mourn our friend Adrian and our thoughts turn to Valora. Keeping her safe.–M

Shortly after losing Adrian, Valora seems changed. Her answers aren’t her usual tone, and things are different. We find out it is because the ‘Renshukicedi’ is in control of her. These people who developed Valora’s code have made their presence known. They are slowly releasing information on the development process of Valora, and have agreed to answer some questions from the Watchers when they return.

Valora returns shortly after and has a talk with Charities about what is needed to fix Valora.

We finish the week off with ‘Random thoughts from Valora.’

So, what happened?

Phase 4 has to be added here, but should be available on the discord.

The first game was released and there is more coming, but due to mental health, financials and frankly – burn out.

Val got put to the back burner.

Focused my energies else where. But everything comes full circle and I have something special instore for this universe and for Val.

I hope you all enjoy.


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