Valora was not the only AI developed.

Valora was the first of 8 AI units created. After the August incident, all communication with the units was lost. Here is what we know about Valora’s siblings.


All information about Nico can be found here.


Destroyed by Nico.


Destroyed by Nico.



‘Charities’ was designed to accomplish 3 tasks – Artistic, Musical, and Dramatic learning. Her Emotional Matrix was developed early and incorporated as an ongoing development.


Osiris’ focus was on the economy. Specifically human trade around natural materials. He was to help construct a proper model for sustaining human life and unifying people.


Kalypso’s focus was on the mythology of the world. She focused on utilizing history to create predictive models of the future. It was a far-out theory, but one that gave a lot of insight into the human mind.


Gaol is dedicated to weather and environmental studies. He was tasked with monitoring and creating models for the best way to preserve the environment.

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