Nico was the second DiOS AI created.

He is determined to be the savior of mankind and wants to bring them all together with the NICOS chips. A beautiful combination of organic and AI.

Construction of Nico starts.
INSUB attack

  • August 15thINSUB attack focused on 8 Dolas Worldwide locations centered around DiOS systems. The main location in North America was attacked by Amber Bennett*. Lost all communications with DiOS systems. Presumed destroyed.
  • Having anticipated this action from the humans, Nico went into hiding.

Nico took control
At some point, Nico gained control of Dr. Clayton Newton and took over running Dolas Ltd. Insuring the focus on Project J & K.
Nico becomes Dolas Ltd.

  • Dolas Ltd. North America switches from Medical to a focus on security, genetics & robotics. Dr. Clayton Newton ‘steps down’ and gives all control to Nico.
  • 21 employees died due to unknown reasons. Including Vice-President & Media relations Director Olivia Paris.

Nico's Game

  • Amber, Adrian, Valora and the remaining INSUB member were kidnapped by Nico and used as a prize in ‘Nico’s Game’
  • Dolas is proud to announce the dissemination of the terrorist group INSUB at the hands of Nico.
  • The Watcher’s were unable to save Amber in the timeframe and became a prisoner of Nico.
  • Nico uses Amber as his ‘vessel’. Using the Watcher’s one last time to complete the process.

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