Story Tie In Visual Novel

The next step: A small game called ‘Saving Valora’. 

Adrian Johns has been asked to go inside the AI Valora’s system to help her adjust to the newly installed Emotion Matrix Library. Although he is hesitant to do it, he will always protect Valora any way he can.

What will he find inside the mind of a fragmented AI? Will he be able to bring her back to the real world without losing his own mind? Only one way to find out.

You guys get to see inside Val’s mind and deal with what’s there. I do have an in-story reason why you guys are doing it but really, it’s because I want you all to have something to play, instead of just watch. Unlike Nico’s Game, there is no punishment for failure. The story will continue regardless, I just figured playing the VN would be more fun than watching 20 videos.

SV will consist of 3 separate entries, each roughly 40-90 min long. 3 ‘firewalls’ if you will. Each one will be released at different times, mostly based on when I finish them, and they will have tie-in videos. As for what the game will have in it, it won’t be anything you’d expect. (but don’t expect anything mindblowing. I’m not a good game dev, nor am I rich.)  

You will learn a lot about Val, Adrian, and Amber through the game though. It fills in a lot of stuff. So yeah, things may seem to be slowing down, but really, we’re speeding up.