OK, I wanted to do a quick update as we are about to begin PHASE 3.


The old DiOS site now goes to Valora’s – all main Valora stuff will be going through there.

EVERYTHING FROM BEFORE THE START OF THIS NEXT PHASE is pretty much irrelevant except as a reference point. So, all previous documents and stuff will be transferred on to a new separate part of this OOG site. – I’m just in the process of properly categorizing it and making sure things are easily searchable, which is a pain in the ass.

Really the point is to consolidate all the domains into two – Valora and OOG. Way cheaper for me. lmao.

So, any links you all got hanging around make sure to delete DiOS and Dolas. They are considered useless.


As for new people coming, everything that happened before is not important for this next phase – it’s cool to know, but no important. What is important? The characters. Knowing who they are in relation to Valora is really all you need to know. So, if you’re new, don’t worry! You can jump right in!


Everything that has happened up to the end of Phase 3 will be in a few ‘catch up videos’ I’m in the process of making. I’m just streamlining the scripts so it’s not having to sit through an hour-long video to know what’s up. So, “coming soon™”

That’s in for now. See you all on the 10th!