The puzzles break down into a few categories.

  1. Short Term Puzzles – used to progress the story, gather lore, and just involve the players and give them things to do. Most of these are one time only, and not worth your time tracking down after the fact.
  2. Long Term Puzzles – These puzzles are designed to progress towards major story beats and events. These are seeded in throughout the current Phase and can include information gathered in previous Phases.
  3. Event Puzzles – These are one-time use for the events.


Nothing is off-limits. There are a handful of puzzles and encryption I lean towards but I often create my own kinds that require thinking outside of the box. 99.5% of all puzzles are completely fair and solvable. (the 0.5% is set for things out of the norm. Such as if Nico decides he wants to be a dick.)

I also include multi-level puzzles such as triple encryption with a steganography key. However, I save very difficult puzzles for events. 80% of all puzzles found in normal storylines follow one rule: Keep It Simple. I find the hardest puzzles for players to solve are the ones where the solution is staring at them in the face. It brings me a lot of joy.