This event was a pure twitter based event.

It found Amber Bennett on the run from RCMP from Ontario to Alberta carrying all the data INSUB has on Dolas Ltd and the hidden divisions contained in the company. Before she made it to her final destination she was apprehended in a field by the RCMP.

Shortly after, a smear campaign was started by Dolas Ltd. to discredit all information that Amber could try to release. This included actual medical documents regarding her drug addiction and falsified information doctored by Dolas.

The same day she was taken into custody, Dolas started petitioning the RCMP to get her released into their custody to be held in a private penitentiary run by Dolas. After 24 hours this was granted.

At the same time, INSUB was planning to rescue Amber. They had limited resources available at such a short time frame, so they could only achieve one goal. Save Amber, or save the data on Dolas.

The group was unable to reach a decision, so it was left up to the players to vote on what was to be saved. After 24 hours, the final vote was 55% to save Amber.

The Players were needed one more time to crack Amber’s password to gain access to the backdoor of Dolas system to help the break out. There was a 12 hour time frame to succeed. After 9 hours of puzzle solving and deciphering, the players were successful in cracking the password, allowing INSUB to gain access to the police station and freeing Amber before she was transferred to Dolas.

A few INSUB lives were lost, and two people were taken custody, but Amber was saved.


  • Vigenere Cipher
  • Images
  • Morse code
  • Youtube video
  • Book code
  • Email response
  • Final code riddle
  • Everyone wins


The biggest result was the path of the storyline for the players. By choosing to save Amber over getting the Data, the story became more character-focused and less lore-based.

A huge amount of data regarding Dolas ltd. and the Grey/Black programs they run were lost during this event and most likely will not show up again. (Short of a few projects such as J & K.)

(Had the players chose the data, the story would have gone in a more ‘Protagonist vs. evil corporation route.)