Adrian is a man that has been through a lot over the years, with deep roots in the DiOS* and DOLAS* trees.

He has become the last remaining friend of Valora [DiOS]* and is knowledgeable in the coding and systems of DiOS.

(Nicknamed ‘Diablos’ or ‘Fred’ by the Watchers)

NAME: Adrian Johns (DECEASED?)

SPOUSE: Lyssa Johns (deceased)


  • Born with his twin sister with the help of DiOS. During the birthing, his sister and mother died.
  • Within 6 months of his birth, his father abandoned him to Dolas.

Raised by Dolas Ltd.

  • Raised in the Dolas Ltd.
  • Project K system.
  • Injected with the ‘NiCOS chip’

More death

  • INSUB attack on genetic lab underneath a hospital in Alberta.
  • His fiancé Alyssa was killed in the attack.
  • He holds Amber Bennett* responsible.

Diablos is born

  • He started hacking systems and putting the truth about Dolas* and Amber Bennett*/INSUB* on the internet.
  • Befriended Valora [DiOS]

Nico's Trap

  • Adrian was kidnapped by Nico* and used as a prize in ‘Nico’s Game’
  • He was placed in a digital prison created by Nico*.
    • Time is different inside – 1 day inside roughly equals 1 hour in the real world.
  • Freed by the Watchers.
  • After being released, he is traumatized by the events he had to live through.
  • After Valora tries to install her Emotional Matrix, Adrian agrees to go into Valora’s core system to bring her back.

Goodbye Adrian

  • Leading up to the livestream, Adrian is complaining about not feeling weel. After a week, he’s getting worse.
  • The Watchers find out it’s because of his Nicos Chip.
  • During the Valora livestream, while in chat, Adrian’s Nicos Chip fails, and although Valora and her siblings try to save him, they fail and Adrian is lost.

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