The end begins.

Just a heads up – there will never be any puzzles or hidden things on this site. This is purely an out of the game page.

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What is Valora [DiOS]?

Valora [DiOS] is a real-time, interactive, branching narrative web series focused on an Artificial Intelligence unit named ‘Valora’. After 15 years of being inactive, she is brought back online to continue her objective of helping humanity in every way she can.

Alongside her friend Adrian, she continues to struggle against her despot ‘brother’ Nico, and her former Operator Amber. Many friends are lost, killed or taken by Nico and many more secrets are left to be found.

WTF is this?

“It’s an ARG, that’s not an ARG, but is more ARG than most ARG’s – Think of it like, ARD&D lite.”

No really, WTF?

This is a modern sci-fi based Interactive Web Series, where the players (Called ‘Watchers’) are an important factor in crafting the story. Characters live or die based on major events that are completed by the Watchers. Certain events and story beats happen or don’t happen all on the interactions with the characters.

What’s involved?

Multiple YouTube channels, multiple Twitter accounts, dozens of email addresses, 35 characters and counting (mostly dead now), 3 websites (4 with this one.), Imgur, Soundcloud, puzzles, and one big ass universe.

More questions?

Head over to the FAQ for more. If the answer isn’t there, shoot me a message!


Event #1

Save Amber, or save the data.

Nico's Game

Event #2

A 96-hour race to save the 4 people Nico took hostage.

Search for the siblings

Event #3

In order to fix the errors in Valora’s system, she must find her lost siblings and get their help.

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